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Symbolic – Renewal of Vows

Celebrate love with the blessing of a non-denominational minister. This ceremony is perfect for those who believe in love, but do not desire a legal wedding or a religious one., for the ones that want to celebrate an anniversary or vows renewal. It last approximately 40 minutes in which the bride and groom share their vows, their emotions and pledge their love for each other.


Let the universe be witness of this traditional celebration , meanwhile the drums play, the seashells sing, the copal cleans the soul, the Shaman with its beautiful altar asks to the 4 cardinal points and their gods for permission to unify the couple, live a magic celebration, full of color and culture, where the bride and groom and all their guests meditate with mother earth and unite their energy under the sun.

Civil / Legal

Official Ceremony officiated by the civil registry judge, that represents the municipality and the government. Bride and groom share their dreams with their vows and sign their legal act together with their witnesses. It lasts approximately 20 minutes and it’s completely legal for both national and foreign, the requirements vary depending on the nationalities of the bride and groom. Important** Wedding couple and witnesses must arrive 4 full working days before the wedding day, in order to sign the process and deliver all documents to the judge. We will assist you step by step with all procedures..

Catholic Mass

Celebration of a Catholic Mass officiated by a priest, that can take place either in a consecrated chapel, by the seashore or in a cenote. Catholic ceremonies that do not take place in a chapel, must reserve the date with a minimum of 6 months previous to the wedding date, as it is subject to confirmation upon availability. We will assist you with all requirements and procedures.

South Asian Weddings

With all the love and respect for the culture, customs and traditions of each region, we accompany and assist our wedding couples and guests during each one of these unique and wonderful festivities.

Jewish Weddings

Beautiful ceremony officiated by a rabbi of the Jewish community of Playa del Carmen, with the authorization, supervision and blessing of the community we make sure each step is marked by happiness, respect for traditions and above all for love. Our partners are Kosher certified.

TODAY Be Proud

LGBT Weddings

Whether they are legal, symbolic or Mayan live love TODAY in all its wonderful expressions, with the sensitivity and unique touch that makes this celebration one of the favorites for Today Weddings, one of its biggest pride.

Love begins TODAY